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My debut novel Certified, published by New Generation Publishing, is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon UK.

Alternatively, you can order a personal signed copy, with exclusive gift, directly from this site. The stork will endeavour to deliver, direct to your door, in 5 working days.

One Unexpected Birth… One Hapless Wedding… One Bizarre Death…

There's comedy in most situations, isn’t there?

Inspired by real life events, follow one man’s journey through a birth, marriage, and death as he recalls farcical scenarios, shocking discoveries, and profound loss. It is, ultimately, a love story.

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Certified book

Certified is funny, heartfelt, has some cracking twists, and is a joyful read that I would heartily recommend.
Five Stars.

Michael Heppell, international Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author


Certified book

Three tales of one man’s humorous and emotional journey through a birth, marriage and death

About Me

Roger Wilson-Crane

Find out a little bit more about who I am, my interests and why I decided to become a novelist

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You can order a signed copy of the Certified paperback here. The stork will deliver in approx. 5 working days

The book: Certified

My debut novel Certified is three tales, following one man through birth, marriage, and death. Inspired by real life events, this humorous fictional memoir takes you on a journey of joy, loss, and heartache, through life’s three certificates.

It is, ultimately, a love story.

One Unexpected Birth: The long road to fatherhood. Missed opportunities, poor choices, a car ride with Bet Lynch, and finally the shock of becoming a Dad. A story of heartache, elation, and Peter Beardsley.

One Hapless Wedding: The pressures of matrimony. Inept friends, false promises, an encounter with armed police, and finally the relief of “I do.” A story of love, commitment, and a stranger, Wally, and his camper van.

One Bizarre Death: The sadness of loss. Confused emotions, life re-evaluation, £25k in ceased bank notes, and finally saying goodbye. A story of regret, family reflection, and Morrisons, the supermarket.

A book to stir the memories in us all. The realisation we have all been certified.

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Roger Wilson-Crane

Reader reviews

"This book is an absolute joy. I particularly enjoyed the multiple side stories; each one of them complemented the main essence of the chapter and several could be mini-books of their own. Plus, some brilliant twists in the tale too. No spoilers here, but let's say there are a couple of moments where I actually gasped and said an out-loud ‘oh no!’
Certified is a joyful book that I would heartily recommend you read. Five Stars."
Michael Heppell, international Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author

"I loved this book. It was a delight to read, due to the author capturing your attention with life stories, humour and twists in the tales. It offered so many mini stories where I felt a pang of sadness, conplete surprise or laughed out loud. It is entertaining even though there is a poignancy throughout as the author describes a birth, marriage and death. I will certainly be recommending it to my friends. A great read."

"I was hooked from chapter one. The book has a lovely flow to it, being based around the three events, and I liked that we hopped around the timeline of Roger's life. I have no idea which bits are true and which bits are made up, which must be the sign of a great fictionalised memoir. Some parts I hope never happened, others I desperately desire are true. It's a wonderful debut book and I hope there will be more books to follow."

"I read this book within 3 days of receiving it - couldn't put it down. What a read. There are so many aspects of this book that relate to your own life. It reads so smoothly, sucks you in to his world and evokes so many memories of the past. Not sure im going to change my hair products just yet though ;-)
Eagerly waiting on his next book :-)"

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Certified is now available in paperback. The e-book is available via Amazon UK.

A limited number of copies, signed by the author, are still available with special unique gift with each one.

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Certified book

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About the Author


I’m Roger Wilson-Crane and whilst I was born in Harpenden I was raised in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, so hopefully I would be described as an honorary Yorkshireman.

Since leaving the Dales in the late 1990s, I have had a successful career in the motor trade, working in senior roles and as Managing Director for over a decade.

My passion for writing has always been with me, stemming from writing and directing a school play at the tender age of 14. This enthusiasm resurfaced in late 2019 when I made the decision to take a reduced role within the company, giving me more time to write the stories that had been whirling around my head for over 20 years.

In addition to being the obligatory bookworm I have always been interested in the creation of film, TV, and theatre.

I enjoy studying scripts and listening to different writers with regards their style and development.

I have also enjoyed the odd venture into amateur dramatics, playing lead roles in productions across Yorkshire and beyond, including The Full Monty, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Guys & Dolls. I do believe all these endeavours kept the creative juices flowing over the years when work was all-consuming.

I am hugely proud of my 20 year old daughter Holly, who has grown up in a world of live theatre, comedy, and music. She is currently at Leeds Beckett University, studying Physical Education and focusing on dance.

I settled in South Yorkshire 25 years ago and live with my wife Victoria, who finally inspired me to follow my dreams and become an author.

Get in touch

Roger Wilson-Crane
Roger Wilson-Crane


Nobody Cares About Dad Podcast


This Friday I will be recording a podcast interview with Marco for his popular Nobody Cares About Dad series.

We shall be talking all things fatherhood, the joys and sadness that inspired the book, and, with our joint love of the arts, how did I end up with 'tackle out' on The Full Monty so many times...

I am looking forward to it very much and should be great fun! I will let you know when it is available online.


Nobody Cares About Dad

Certified is an Amazon Best Seller!


I am delighted that my book has officially become a best seller on Amazon. Thanks to everyone who has purchased and supported me. I am very grateful and a little bit humbled.

Amazon Best Seller

Certified in Limestone Books


Limestone Books

I went ‘home’ yesterday and delivered some of my books to the local bookshop where I grew up. It is fitting that Limestone Books in Settle are the first shop to stock my ‘baby’, seeing as so many tales originate from this beautiful town. Waterstones here I come…

Limestone Books

My Facebook Live interview


I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed live on Facebook by Dan Altmire, The New Normal Guru. You can check Dan out on his website  The New Normal Guru.

Here's a little extract, and you can see the rest of the interview on Dan's Facebook page.

Publication Launch Press Release



For immediate release

23rd August 2021

ISBN #978-1800311091

New Generation Publishing releases a humorous fictional memoir told in three tales following one man through birth, marriage, and death

Certified: One Unexpected Birth... One Hapless Wedding... One Bizarre Death...” by Roger Wilson-Crane

About the book:

Inspired by real events, this book takes you on a journey of joy, loss and heartache through life's three certificates. It is, ultimately, a love story.

One Unexpected Birth: The long road to fatherhood. Missed opportunities, poor choices, a car ride with Bet Lynch, and finally the shock of becoming a dad. A story of heartache, elation, and Peter Beardsley.

One Hapless Wedding: The pressures of matrimony. Inept friends, false promises, an encounter with armed police, and finally the relief of "I do." A story of love, commitment, and a stranger, Wally, and his camper van.

One Bizarre Death: The sadness of loss. Confused emotions, life re-evaluation, £25k in ceased bank notes, and finally saying goodbye. A story of regret, family reflection, and Morrisons, the supermarket.

A book to stir the memories in us all. The realisation that we have all been certified.

Excerpt from the book:

Craig took the urn out of the bag and climbed onto the top of the rock. We all gathered around, the rain beginning to worsen and the cold starting to infiltrate our attire.

“Rest in peace, Dad,” shouted Craig, as loud as he could. “I hope you will protect us in death, in a way you failed us in life.”

Not quite the sermon I had envisaged.

He lifted the lid and began to shake the ashes out. Unfortunately, with spectacular timing, that was the moment the wind decided to return. It had also decided that it didn’t fancy going in just one direction. A swirling one was required, just as Dad’s dust was released.

This is another moment which is hard to describe and, blimey, there have been a few. His ashes blew all around us.

The majority seemed to cover Craig, who was now screaming and frantically brushing his coat and hair with his hands, but it also started to land on the tiny congregation down below, which included yours truly. As my mouth had automatically opened in shock at the unfolding events, so the dust entered it. I was spitting furiously, scraping my tongue with my fingers.

Looking around me, I stood traumatised. To my left, Bonnie was leaping in the air catching and swallowing fragments of Dad, having the time of her life. To my right, Mum seemed to be protected by the giant umbrella whilst Charlotte was giggling away, desperately trying to catch as many bits as possible, grabbing the black snow. Her pink Peppa Pig bobble hat was getting darker by the second and I suddenly realised that Dad would be visiting us after all.

Certified” by Roger Wilson-Crane is available in paperback at:


You can also download the e-book version at:

www.amazon.co.uk/Certified-Unexpected-Hapless-Wedding- Bizarre-ebook/dp/B09CQ2T49D

Press/Media Contact Details:
New Generation Publishing
Tel. 01234 711 956
E-mail: info@newgeneration-publishing.com

In Conversation Online Event


I am delighted to announce that I will be in conversation, live, with the brilliant Dan Altmire, The New Normal Guru, on Friday 20th August at 7.00pm. You can check Dan out on his website  The New Normal Guru.

Looking forward to discussing my book, business, and life.

Join us on Dan's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheNewNormalGURU/

The New Normal Guru

Publication News


I am delighted to announce that the book will be officially published by New Generation Publishing and distributed via all major online outlets such as Amazon and Waterstones on 9th August 2021. In addition, the eBook will be available on the same date via Kindle, Kobo, ibooks and many more.

And you can still order a signed copy directly from this site.

Certified book

They've Arrived!


They are here! The first batch of Certified, hot off the press, are safely in their daddy’s arms! Just waiting on a couple of surprises for those who have ordered and then they will be flying the nest and be in your hands very soon!

For anyone who would still like to be ‘Certified’ and have one of the first, limited edition copies, then please order using the button below.

Certified book

The 100 Club


I was delighted this morning to wake up to my 100th pre-order for the book. It was my first target, so to achieve it a month before publication is wonderful.

A huge thank you to all who have taken the plunge and placed such faith in both me and the book.

Not long to wait now….

Local Interest


It was lovely to see an article, by the Craven Herald, promoting my book this morning. The paper is published for the Yorkshire Dales, where I grew up, and much of my fictional memoir is set.

I was trying to work out the last time I was in this esteemed newspaper and I think it was in 1990 when I took a leading role in a local amateur production of Guys and Dolls! That is a long time to be away..

Certified book

The Journey Begins


I can’t believe it was November 2019 when I sat down with my wife, Victoria, and said I couldn’t do it anymore. The stresses and strains of work had finally taken their toll. The decision was made to take a step back in March 2020. Then the pandemic came.

Through the summer months I found myself a bit lost. Lovely weather, more time on my hands, but no purpose, no direction in where I was going, what I wanted to achieve. Fast forward to November 2020 and Victoria was back, supporting again, this time with an idea.

Why don’t I join Michael Heppell’s Write That Book Masterclass. He will help you write that book you keep harping on about. It turned out to be a pretty good idea as Michael, alongside my fellow budding authors in the group, especially #BlackandWhiteInk, have been an inspiration, always cajoling and encouraging me to keep going and ‘write that book.’

Seven months later I have a manuscript written, a publishing partner in place, and a book out in August. I just need readers now, to hopefully buy and enjoy the tale I have written. I am hugely proud of it and hope it will be the first of many.


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